To get “the whole picture” of the projects below, please click and slide on the little white arrows. Enjoy!

Bath Remodel

The fluorescent light soffit and that wall made this bathroom dark and cramped…

Got rid of that dated light soffit and the wall that cut-off the bathroom.
My client did an excellent job with her choice of finishes. The floating shelf was a nice touch.

Best use of Space

These clients had a closet that was underused, so,…

we made it a bar! Brilliant! I was particularly happy with the backsplash.

Sink Update

Not much to say, out with the old…

in with the new!

No kitchen? No problem

This client has a double car garage below, and a bedroom/bathroom above.

So I built a kitchen so it can be rented as an apartment, what else?!

Hardwood Flooring

Toilet leaks are never fun, and on your hardwood floors?!??

Remove the toilet and damaged flooring, then put it all back together.

Hallway Storage

Here my clients have a hallway from the garage area to the door of the house. It was an 8” step up at the door, and the hall had old, 70s paneling along one wall.

I removed the paneling, built a deck from TREX deck boards, (less expensive and nicer looking than concrete), then realized the wall I removed the paneling from was 7,1/2” deep,…. STORAGE!!!

Hallway Storage – Second Look

Front Doors

Here my client was tired of old, faded red doors. Blah.

She went online and found 2 ornate glass panels in Clearwater.

First, reinforce the existing door frame and hinges to handle the extra weight of the glass. Then, take a skill saw to the doors to cut out the center, (no pressure here, I mess up, the client has no front door for a night or two!..) Finally, set outside trim, caulk, lay the glass in, caulk, instal interior trim, rehang doors.

Huge difference!!!

Front Doors – After At Night

Fireplace Mantle

We removed the old, chunky, mantle, found a hearth at a second hand thrift store, painted and installed it, then added LED lighting to the etched glass fire screen.

Bathroom Redo

One sink and one light in a master bath?! Not acceptable! Remove everything, design electrical and plumbing to accept a double vanity, install new vanity, repair drywall, hang mirrors. NOW it’s a master bath!

Window Sill

My client was tired of the old dated tile; simple fix, measure, cut, fasten finnish boards over the old tile sill. Much cleaner looking!

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